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Authentic Argentine Tango School
Carolina Zokalski and Diego Di Falco

For students with good knowledge of Argentine Tango. We expect students of this classes to know the basics (cross and parallel walking, ochos, paradas, simple turns) and to be able to lead and follow the basic steps with confidence. You may be asked by the teachers to complement this class with the beginner class to clean up or work on some specific techniques.

Recommended for Beginners

Juan D'Arienzo

He filled the halls to fuel the Golden Era.

He was known like the King of rhythm.

Carlos Di Sarli

Unique, REFINED, classic. His 50's recordings essential for teaching, inculcating.

Miguel Caló

Gloriously melodic while smoothly rhythmic.

Sublime dance material.

Osvaldo Fresedo

Light but movingly rhythmic - more than pleasant.

Great transition music to set new moods.

Rodolfo Biagi

His piano style was kept 'till the end by D'Arienzo in his pianists.

Edgardo Donato

Nice and easy but delightfull orquestation, good for milongas!

Orquesta Típica Victor

Best sounding link to the old, old days.

Alfredo De Angelis

Great valses.

Rich rhythm and orchestrations.

Recommended for Intermediates and Advanced

Aníbal Troilo

Grand, rhythmic, syncopating, prolific, varied; exceptional bandoneonist.

Enrique Rodriguez

Delicately funky.  Totally social tango.

Lucio Demare

Great orchestrations and voicing.

He gave us more Raul Berón!

Francisco Lomuto

Lovely vintage orchestra playing classic songs.

Great tango, vals, milonga.

Francisco Canaro

The Conqueror of Europe at a crucial time (post WW1).

Most prolific tango recording artist

Osvaldo Pugliese

Daring, intense, inventive, inspirational, perennial.

The best dancers crave him.

Ricardo Tanturi

Anthemic, hot, passionate.

Great vocalists.

Pedro Laurenz

One of the great composers and great bandoneonists.

Angel D'Agostino

A truly Tango salon orchestra

Might not be here without singer Angel Vargas.

Introduction to some Great tango Orchestras you should know



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Thursdays 6:30 and 7:30PM

by: Carolina Zokalski



Thursdays 6:30 and 7:30PM

by: Juan Manuel Alessandrini

For students who completed Beginners 1 and 2 courses, or Intermediate students new to our school or who need to work on the basics like walking in and out of cross leg, ochos, simple turns and lead and follow skills.