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Authentic Argentine Tango School
Carolina Zokalski and Diego Di Falco

DJ Sith

Directly from Argentina.

Starting Soon we’ll have the honor to learn about the Argentine Tango and culture, from this amazing young artist who lived first hand from the old Milongueros.

He will focus on skills that have been passed to him from very respected dancers and creators of tango dance like Pepito Avellaneda and Juan Carlos Copes.

He has numerous achievements as a young talent. He started dancing at a very early age witch make his teaching experience remarkably unique. He had performed in numerous theaters and social venues and events where the audiences were captivated by his unique moves.

His ability to teach and unique way to share his knowledge is excellent, his methodic paste makes anybody learn in a way that seams easy and natural.


Juan Manuel Alessandrini

Carolina Zokalski

Diego Di Falco

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Fabian Salas Lola Diaz

Johana Copes

Carlos Barrionuevo

Mayte Valdez

Carolina Jaurena

Andres Bravo

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Noel Strazza

Carlos Perez

Rosa Forte


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