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Carolina Zokalski and Diego Di Falco


Toni L. Freni      Profession: Psychotherapist and Dance/Movement

Therapist          Age: 48

Why Tango? For me, Argentine Tango is intriguing, challenging, captivating, and incredibly fun! It's about connection, exploration, play, creativity, and expression. When I dance, it's like a moving meditation that constantly reminds me to be in the moment. It's an experience that is so engaging that everything else melts away, as the senses are activated so fully. I find the experience very satisfying and insightful - a mirror for my strengths and limitations - both on and off the dance floor. I believe that our habitual patterns of moving reflect how we move through life. Tango offers me repeated opportunities for self-awareness and growth that extend beyond the lesson...And, again it's incredibly fun! Argentine Tango at it's best, embodies and is ametaphor for the principles of healthy relationships. It is a continual reinforcement of what I most need to do in life: Slow down, remain flexible, relax, trust, stay attuned and connected, be fully present, and joyful.

Ralph Tarnofsky is the founder and president of Professional Audio Consultants in Millburn N.J.


He discovered the pleasures of dancing the Argentine Tango two years ago while vacationing with Marisol Rivera in New Orleans.

After a handful of group and private lessons at a studio in the French Quarter we were hooked. Later that year we discovered Broadway Tango in Summit and have continued to train with Carolina and Diego and the rest of our new friends at the studio in Summit N.J. The studio is located in the Twin Maples Mansion which now feels like our home away from home.


Florham Park.   CEO / Designer www.shopsorial.com


Why is tango so wonderfully addictive?    It is because it allows for the freedom of emotions to be expressed through the combination of music and  movement. It is a wonderfully spontaneous dance, communicative without words.

I started dancing tango in 2006, and later joined Carolina and Diego's group classes.


Since the spring of 2010, it's been continued private  lessons with Diego Di Falco.

A  brief few words on Diego and his articulate direction as a tango  teacher?... I have no desire to search elsewhere. He is Fabulous!  

Occupation: Anesthesiologist (MD)

Town: Warren

How long : over 8 years

Why tango: I discovered Argentine Tango by chance and I am glad that I did. At first it was an escape from my daily work. The three-minute dance was as indulging as a dream come true. Later on, it has become part of my life when I discovered the ‘essence” of Tango: share your axis, move together as one, yet keep your own balance. The truth of life is also true in the dance when my husband and I struggle through lessons with arguments as a couple. We are glad to have a new circle of Tango friends. There are many sorts and types of dance teachers. I admire Carolina and Diego’s not only as the best artists and instructors, I also admire their personality, character and ethics. They are consistent and solid with their technical teaching and the philosophy of the dance. They are also forgiving and very patient. I am a slow learner. I am content with my slow progress. As I know their family better, they embrace us as their family too. We are lucky to have them in New Jersey close to us.

Come join the “family”!

Mónica Silvia Coughlin

I am a certified translator, Hospice Volunteer and besides tango some of the activities I love are  running, cycling and the arts.

I have been dancing tango for about 3 years.

Tango music was a daily part of my childhood in Buenos Aires.  In an inner courtyard my grandfather sat with his bandoneon on his knee and my uncle faced a small mirror hanging from a wire where he paracticed his vocals. When I dance tango I feel connected to an intrinsic part of my identity.

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